City Maps Detail Child Care Quality and Access

Release Date: October 13, 2013

DVAEYC and Azavea Philadelphia Child Care Maps Now Available!

DVAEYC recently partnered with Azavea through the competitive Summer of Maps Program, an exciting collaboration bringing together Azavea's expertise in GIS analysis and DVAEYC's knowledge of quality child care in the region.

The result of this partnership is a series of maps that combine statistics on regional early childhood risk factors with the availability of quality early childhood education. Reports are provided for each City Council, state Senate, state House and Congressional districts in Philadelphia, along with maps that establish areas of need for high-­quality early learning resources for children ages birth to five. These statistics and maps demonstrate where federal, state and local investments in early learning would have the greatest impact for Philadelphia area children and families.

Click on the following links to download a PDF of each district's map. Please contact Suzann Morris ( or 215-893-0130) with any questions.

Philadelphia City Council

All City Council Districts (At-Large City Council members)
City Council District 1: Councilman Mark Squilla
City Council District 2: Councilman Kenyatta Johnson
City Council District 3: Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell
City Council District 4: Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr.
City Council District 5: Councilman Darrell Clarke
City Council District 6: Councilman Bobby Henon
City Council District 7: Councilwoman María Quiñones-Sánchez
City Council District 8: Councilwoman Cindy Bass
City Council District 9: Councilwoman Marian Tasco
City Council District 10: Councilman Brian O'Neill

Philadelphia State Senate Districts

All State Senate Districts for Philadelphia
Senate District 1: Senator Lawrence Farnese
Senate District 2: Senator Christine Tartaglione
Senate District 3: Senator Shirley Kitchen
Senate District 4: Senator LeAnna Washington
Senate District 5: Senator Michael Stack
Senate District 7: Senator Vincent J. Hughes
Senate District 8: Senator Anthony Williams

Philadelphia State House Districts

All State House Districts for Philadelphia
House District 152: Representative Tom Murt
House District 154: Representative Stephen McCarter
House District 169: Representative Ed Neilson
House District 170: Representative Brendan Boyle
House District 172: Representative Kevin Boyle
House District 173: Representative Michael McGeehan
House District 174: Representative John Sabatina
House District 175: Representative Michael O'Brien
House District 177: Representative John Taylor
House District 179: Representative James Clay, Jr.
House District 180: Representative Angel Cruz
House District 181: Representative W. Curtis Thomas
House District 182: Representative Brian Sims
House District 184: Representative William Keller
House District 185: Representative Maria Donatucci
House District 186: Representative Jordan Harris
House District 188: Representative James Roebuck
House District 190: Representative Vanessa Lowery Brown
House District 191: Representative Ronald Waters
House District 192: Representative Louise Williams Bishop
House District 194: Representative Pamela DeLissio
House District 195: Representative Michelle Brownlee
House District 197: Representative J. P. Miranda
House District 198: Representative Rosita Youngblood
House District 200: Representative Cherelle Parker
House District 201: Representative Stephen Kinsey
House District 202: Representative Mark Cohen
House District 203: Representative Dwight Evans

Philadelphia U.S. Senate and Congressional Districts

All U.S. Senate and Congressional Districts for Philadelpha
Congressional District 1: Representative Robert Brady
Congressional District 2: Representative Chaka Fattah
Congressional District 13: Representative Allyson Schwartz