Get Our State Reps to Champion Quality ECE!

Release Date: May 18, 2011




We are always looking for more ways to pull our state legislators more closely into the world of ECE and help them understand the importance of quality.  We hope you will consider approaching your state representative to join this new campaign!

As a champion of quality, the legislator agrees to:

  • Write to every program in his/her district, saying he/she supports quality ECE, but is concerned by the low level of quality in some of the programs in the district;
  • Visit any program that attains a STAR 3 or STAR 4 level;
  • Communicate with parents about the importance of choosing quality ECE;
  • Recognizing programs that move up in quality, through print acknowledgment and an awards ceremony.

Everybody wins!

  • The ECE practitioner who initiates this proposal develops professionally in the process of building a stronger relationship with his/her legislator;
  • The legislator gains good public relations opportunities;
  • The field gets a legislator who knows the ECE terrain in his/her district, and who has a deeper understanding about quality;
  • Quality programs get recognition, and others get a nudge to improve;
  • Parents get encouragement to choose quality.
This is a positive, non-partisan, virtually no-cost way to strengthen the foundation of support in Harrisburg for quality ECE. DVAEYC can help with:
  • A draft letter for the legislator to send, including data customized for his/her district;
  • A list of all the programs in the district, including addresses and STAR levels;
  • On-going technical support, problem-solving and general encouragement.


For more information, contact Pamela Haines (215.893.0130).