Hot off the Press! Mini Conference Interview

Release Date: September 12, 2013

Infant Toddler Mini Conference Interivew with Caroline Campana, Professional Development Manager

September 12, 2003
DVAEYC's own Ashley Haneiko asking the hard questions.

DVAEYC Reporter (Ashley): 
You must be so excited for the upcoming Infant and Toddler Mini Conference next month on October 17th and 18th!

Caroline: We’re very excited about our new training venue in King of Prussia at Arcadia University! We are so thankful for our partnership with Arcadia and we thought that the location would be easily accessible to many of our members!

DVAEYC Reporter (Ashley):  So what can you tell us about the presenters?

Caroline: We have brand new trainers this year, which we are thrilled to have on board. They have diverse and extensive experience in the field of early childhood education. The topics we are offering this year are some of our most requested trainings. We wanted to ensure that everyone would be excited about the professional development offerings this year.

DVAEYC Reporter (Ashley): That’s fantastic! What are some of the interesting topics that people have to choose from?

We can’t wait to provide trainings on the Early Learning Standards, Assessment, and our most requested training, Positive Discipline!

DVAEYC Reporter (Ashley): So what can people expect, and look forward to, when attending the Mini Conference?

Caroline: This will be our third year, and it is such a wonderful and fulfilling opportunity for infant and toddler teachers to come together and network, share their experiences, build new relationships, and expand their knowledge! In the past, we’ve had a lot of laughs, a ton of fun, and made new and lasting friendships. Our past participants left our previous conferences excited to get back into their classrooms and begin implementing all of the new activities and strategies that they had learned.

DVAEYC Reporter (Ashley): So aside from those worth-while aspects, why should someone attend the Infant and Toddler Mini Conference?

Caroline: It’s the perfect opportunity to take the time to self-assess. It allows professionals the chance to build on their knowledge in the field of ECE, specifically developmentally appropriate practice for infants and toddlers. We hope that practitioners will join us as we continue the tradition of creating lasting memories that will excite and inspire.

DVAEYC Reporter (Ashley): Can’t wait! See you in October!

Early Experiences Count!
October 17-18, 2013

Arcadia University
School of Continuing Studies
1150 First Avenue
Suite 700 ● King of Prussia, PA