Pennies for Pre-K

Release Date: March 25, 2015

Support for high quality pre-K is growing

Governor Wolf has proposed an ambitious expansion of quality pre-K in Pennsylvania.  To do this will require significant new investments.

While the Governor and the General Assembly will have to work out the details of how this will be funded, we don’t have to wait to play our part.  We know that expanding high quality pre-K will require more money.  We also know that it’s well worth every penny. 

Even a four year old understands that it’s not fair for some children to be shut out of a good pre-school. ECE programs throughout the state are starting to collect Pennies for Pre-K. Watch this 2-minute video which has a startling message about the importance of pre-K for everyone. 

We’re launching our Pennies for Pre-K campaign so every child has a chance to experience high-quality pre-k.



March 20:  Pennies for Pre-K kick-off at the DVAEYC Conference at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.  Over 1000 early childhood education professionals will be asked to contribute pennies at our plenary sessions, and they will be delivered as a down payment to Governor Wolf.

April:  April is tax month.  ECE programs throughout the state will be collecting pennies for Pre-K.  We know it will cost money to give every child a great start, and we can all play a role.  Have children decorate a collection container for your room, gather pennies, and participate in counting activities. Talk about what all children need.  Take pictures. Get parents involved.

June: As budget negotiations are at their peak in the General Assembly, we will deliver our pennies to the Treasury Department in Harrisburg.


For more information or resources on the Pennies for Pre-K campaign, contact Pamela at DVAEYC: or 215-893-0130x228.