Support the President's Early Learning Proposal

Release Date: May 8, 2013

Join DVAEYC for a Month of Action, culminating in Early Learning Day of Action.


What is the Month of Action?

DVAEYC joined national advocates to build a groundswell of support for President Obama’s proposed early learning investment. White House leaders have said early childhood advocates have ONE MONTH to show that they support a national early learning investment, and that without large and visible support, it will be difficult to make early learning a priority issue for national leaders.

What is President Obama’s proposed early learning investment?

The President's proposal would create a new Preschool for All initiative to expand preschool opportunities for 4-year-olds, allocating $75 billion over 10 years. This proposal consists of a Federal-State partnership to provide all low- and moderate-income four-year-olds with high-quality preschool, while also providing States with incentives to expand these programs to reach additional children from middle class families and put in place full-day kindergarten policies.

The President's proposal also includes:

  • $1.4 billion to expand Early Head Start and create Early Head Start/Child Care partnerships to serve more birth-3 year-olds
  • $500 million in increased funding through the Child Care and Development Fund, which would serve an additional 100,000 children from low-income families with child care access
  • $200 million for child care quality improvement
  • $15 billion over the next 10 years to extend and expand voluntary home visiting programs 
What can I do?
There are lots of ways you can participate. Read through the list below and help keep the momentum going!

High quality #ece helps America prosper and reach its potential. When not enough #children are funded, benefits unmet. #prekplan

Congress needs to make quality #ece #earlyed #prek for all US children a priority. Show your support for our future. #prekplan

Why wait until #preK to close an achievement gap? Prevent it with home visiting, Early Head Start and quality infant/toddler care. #prekplan

#Kindergarten teachers know when #children have had quality #ece & know how few children have access to it. Invest more now. #prekplan

  • Get the facts on the national early learning proposal and help spread the word!