The Election's Over, Now What?

Release Date: November 18, 2012


The Election’s Over — Now What?

Following the election, the President and Congress have a lot of work to do in Washington DC. Write your Congress members and tell them to protect children and families in budget negotiations!
Federal elected officials are working with President Obama to find bipartisan ways to lower the national debt, while warding off “sequestration” or what’s commonly being called a fiscal cliff or automatic cuts. Automatic cuts to both defense and domestic programs are scheduled to happen at the federal level on January 2, 2013 unless Congress acts soon. These large-scale cuts could have devastating consequences for Pennsylvania, including:
  • 4,522 children removed from child care subsidy;
  • 3,305 Head Start fewer seats and 689 Head Start jobs;
  • serve 95,342 fewer women, children and families in maternal and child health programs;
  • serve 7,513 fewer domestic violence victims;
  • cut money for low-income heating assistance, screen 800 fewer women for cancer;  cut HIV testing and life-saving treatment for thousands, treat 5,000 fewer people for substance abuse;
  • cut vaccinations for 8,235 children;
  • cut funds for hundreds more education jobs in schools serving vulnerable children
Write your Congress members today and remind them that quality early childhood education benefits children, families and our community — it’s an investment worth protecting in deficit reduction negotiations!

Please refer to this handout produced by CLASP for more information on sequestration and steps you can take to encourage Congress to act responsibly for all children and families.