The Fiscal Cliff -- Important Funding At Stake!

Release Date: November 28, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff -- Important Funding At Stake!

Right now, Congress and the White House are negotiating the "Fiscal Cliff” – a mixture of reducing the national deficit, tax reform, and dramatic, automatic cuts to critical programs scheduled to go into effect on January 2, 2013. If Congress and the White House do not change the automatic cuts (called sequestration), drastic reductions in service for Pennsylvania will happen, including:

•    cut 4,522 children from child care subsidy;
•    cut 3,305 Head Start seats and 689 Head Start jobs;
•    cut vaccinations for 8,235 children;
•    cut funds for hundreds more education jobs in schools serving vulnerable children


CALL: Dial 1-888-743-1097 to reach the US Capitol Switchboard.

Tell the operator you would like to speak to Senator Casey or Senator Toomey.

Sample message for your toll-free call. Please personalize these messages so that your voice can be heard!:

My name is (name) and I am calling from (city) in Pennsylvania.

I am (a teacher, director, family services coordinator, for example — your professional role).

As you negotiate the Fiscal Cliff and other budget and tax decisions, it would be wrong to cut vital programs for vulnerable children and their families — such as child care, Head Start, education, Medicaid, and child nutrition programs. 

We should reduce the federal deficit and build up our economy without harming low and moderate income children and families. These programs not only help families and children, they help build a stronger nation and economy. We need to raise revenue by asking the wealthiest, who gained significant tax breaks over the last decade, to pay their fair share so we can fairly reduce the deficit and invest in early childhood development and education, nutrition, jobs and other vital supports.    

We are counting on you here in Pennsylvania. Thank you.

After your first call: Dial the Capitol Switchboard again to reach your other Senator, and then your U.S. Representative.  Find your U.S. Representative by entering your zip code at   

WRITE: If you cannot make the call, email your Congress people at


For more information on the Fiscal Cliff, please visit NAEYC's resource page at