Worthy Wage Social: DELCO

Release Date: September 17, 2012


 “If I keep working and take one step at a time, then eventually changes are going to happen.
 When we see that early childhood educators are really valued in our society, we’re going to say,
‘We made a difference, we really did.’ And I’m going to feel so good about it.
 I’m going to say, I was there at the beginning.”

Delaware County

Worthy Wage Social

If you are in the field of early childhood education and understand that we can’t have quality early care and education for all our children without having quality jobs for their teachers, join us for our fall gathering of early childhood professionals in Delaware County!
Christ Church
311 South Orange Street
Media, PA 19063
Parking available on site
Thursday ~ October 4, 2012
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
·      Enjoy delicious appetizers and desserts
·      Relax, enjoy and share your successes & challenges
·      Connect and network with early childhood colleagues
·      Learn what’s HOT in PA Public Policy, DVAEYC & PennAEYC
·      Gather information & plan to Get Out the Vote for Election 2012
If you would like to join us please contact:
Suzann Morris ~ 215-893-0130 or suzann@dvaeyc.org
OR register online for free
Sponsored by
DVAEYC & the Worthy Wage Campaign
Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children
1608 Walnut Street, Suite 300
Philadelphia, PA  19103

     215-893-0130    www.dvaeyc.org    suzann@dvaeyc.org