Our staff is dedicated to the
communities we serve

Staff Members

We welcome your inquiries and ideas, and always work to help you work through challenges.

Please feel free to contact any of our staff members directly. Email links are listed below. To speak with a staff
member, call 215-893-0130. After the prompt, please enter the person’s phone extension listed below.


Carol Austin, Executive Director, x227
Caroline Campana, Professional Development Manager, x224
Pamela Haines, Director of Public Policy, x228
Drew Martin, Director of Operations, x245
Lisa Schultz, Quality Initiatives Program Manager, x230
Tyrone Scott, Director of External Affairs, x242


Elizabeth Farwell, P-3 Project Manager, x233
Lara Sinangil, Grant Writer, x222
Rebecca Tyrrell, Events Coordinator, x229


Ashley Haneiko, Administrative Project Manager, x237
Charlene Nolten, Program Support Associate, x250
John Troncale, Technology Coordinator


Jillian Best Adler, Success by Six Program Manager, x246
Kendra Thomas, Program Manager, x243
Lauren Besack, ECE Consultant
Patti Chapman, ECE Consultant
Alix Cozen, ECE Consultant
Alicia Farmer, Financial Coach
Kim Farmer, ECE Consultant
Christine Haley-Brinen, ECE Consultant
Alison Leshan, ECE Consultant
James Nicholson, ECE Consultant
Lissette Rivera, ECE Consultant
Jennifer Schaum, ECE Consultant
Vicky Visconto, ECE Consultant
Wendy Wagner, ECE Consultant


Khadijah Sabir, Field Organizer