One of the most driven aspects of DVAEYC is our deep desire and commitment to affect change on a larger scale. To that end, we are extremely dedicated to expanding the state of Pennsylvania’s commitment to critical, quality child care initiatives — with a special emphasis on young children who suffer from the disadvantages of poverty. Because every child deserves the same opportunities for healthy development and quality education.

But we can’t do it alone. That’s why we offer leadership and advocacy training for child care educators and staffers. We involve parents, as critically important advocates for their children. And we lead the charge, with other AEYCs across the state, in promoting grassroots initiatives around compensation and quality. 


We are always looking for more ways to pull our state legislators more closely into the world of ECE and help them understand the importance of quality.  We hope you will consider approaching your state representative to join this new campaign!
Philadelphia Universal Pre-K Application Tips!
Your advocacy helped city council determine our kids are worth it! For providers looking for assistance with the application process, click here.