Professionals in the field of ECE must be not only competent practitioners but agents of change. If our profession’s goal is to ensure the well-being of young children, then surely it is unprofessional to allow the status quo, which is harmful to children, to go unchallenged.
DVAEYC works with other AEYC affiliates throughout the state, mobilizing early childhood professionals, parents and the wider community to advocate for high quality early childhood experiences for every young child.
Below are three ways YOU can help make a difference:
Encourage your state senators and representatives to stand up for greater investment in our children through our State budget. Click here to email your legislator to support increased funding for Pre-K and childcare.
Join us in thanking the Governor for proposing an aggressive early education budget with over $130 million in increases for the field. Click here to say "Thank you".
Meet with your state legislators to talk about how the state can support young children and their families. Make a difference as we urge them to pass the RIGHT BUDGET that expands public investments in children. Click here to sign up for the Capitol Caravan.