The backbone of quality early childhood education is directly linked to the quality of the educators and staff. However, when there are not adequate resources to either require or compensate teacher certification and higher degrees, we are all standing still.

Now more than ever, the need for staff education resources and support is significant.

To that end, DVAEYC has delivered  a career advising project to more than 400 educators working in PA Pre-K Counts sites through a partnership with the Philadelphia and Pottstown School Districts.


Are staff credentials holding you back? DVAEYC Career Advising can help you!

Participant benefits include:

  • Individual career advising sessions to move teachers forward on the PA Career Lattice and help them enroll in appropriate credential programs
  • Director training to ensure administrators are well-informed about requirements and resources for staff development, budgeting for the true cost of quality child care, and recruitment and retention of qualified staff
  • Meetings with representatives of higher education institutions to expand their early childhood course offerings and support them as they become T.E.A.C.H. scholarship schools
  • Professional development to TA providers, consultants, coaches, and directors in order to infuse the quality improvement system with a strong focus on career advisement

To learn more or to find out how to bring these resources to your program, contact Peg Szczurek.