When parents team up with early childhood education, the possibilities for greatness are exponential. That’s why we gladly welcome and encourage parents to become more involved in their children’s education.

Become an advocate for your child.

The best place to begin is to learn what goes into a quality early childhood program. Do you and your child feel welcome there? Do the children and adults get along well? Are safety and health priorities? Is play and learning valued? Are staff well-trained and dedicated?

Not every child is lucky enough to experience quality early childhood education. That’s why we need parents to help us advocate for more affordable and accessible high quality early childhood programs. We offer parents many opportunities to make your voice heard about the importance of investing in our youngest children.

“The Right Choice for Kids” is a program designed to inform families and the public about the importance of high-quality early childhood education programs for young children. Learn more at the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Make informed decisions for your child.

To find a high quality early childhood program for your child, do your research. High quality early education centers, homes and schools can make the difference in children's healthy development and early learning so that they are ready for school and beyond.

Want to learn about health, development, and education issues for your children? Attend our Annual Conference which includes many workshops geared toward the interests of parents.

Get new ideas about handling the challenges and stresses of parenting. Visit Our Children Ourselves, a blog written by Pamela Haines, a long-time DVAEYC staff member and parent. Browse over 150 short and helpful articles.