Sometimes, it’s easier for us to take a stand, make a speech or present the latest findings and we’re happy to help.

Our knowledgeable staff members have expertise in a variety of areas from the latest issues in public policy to valuable insights in child development — from giving a keynote address to facilitating an important conversation, to making a presentation at your next meeting.

Speakers Bureau topics include:

  • How to make a playground safe
  • The value of reading aloud to young children
  • How does language develop?
  • Family Math
  • Family Science
  • Become a champion for young children
  • Choosing a high quality early childhood program
  • Benchmarks of quality in early childhood programs
  • Infant attachment
  • Navigating through Challenging Behavior in Young children
  • Why choose a career in Early Childhood Education?

For more information, contact Tyrone Scott.