Tyrone M. Scott II

Tyrone M. Scott II, Community Services Manager, holds a MBA from St. Joseph’s University and is a former community center director. Tyrone is an entrepreneur and activist who most is known for his work with the early education community. Tyrone is a trainer, public speaker and community activist. In his free time Tyrone enjoys working in the entertainment field.



Don't miss Tuesdays with Tyrone for engaging professional development workshops that will have you laughing while learning. Every third Tuesdays starting September 17th mornings for Pediatric First Aid and CPR. Followed by a different workshop every afternoon throughout the year!

Popular Workshops by Tyrone

Playground Safety, K7



The Basics of Observing Children*, K4

Work Sampling*, K4

Team Building and Effective Communication, K5

Professionalism for the ECE Practitioners, K6

Business Acumen for Child Care, K8

Strengthening Your Performance Appraisals, K8

Communication with Parents, K5

Communication Barriers: Examine Diversity, K5

Dealing With Difficult Employees, K8

Business Ethics as Applied to the Classroom, K6

First Aid and CPR,  

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